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#TAPChats Mentorship Program

Duration: Year-long

Age Group: 10-17

Targeted Objectives : To help young artists establish strong relationships with peers of similar interests; To expose young artists to various art forms (Performance and Visual)  with the effort to cultivate their potential greatness.


Description: #TapIn Mentoring Program is dedicated to the fostering relationships between younger creatives and older more experienced creatives.  The mentee/mentors will meet at least 2 times a month to work toward goals established in their first sessions.  These goals will include college and career readiness, self-care and confidence building, and enriching artistic abilities. All mentors will be responsible for managing their own schedule and creating a plan of intervention.  Every quarter there will be a showcase/open mic for the participants to present what they have worked on.  This will give the young creatives a safe space to perform and become comfortable in a performance setting. 

Specific meetings arrangements will be subject to the availability and the needs of both the mentee and mentor. 


PD Day Programs

Duration: BCPS School Year

Audience/Age Group: 5-13

Targeted Objectives: To provide creative and artistic avenues for self-expression; To inspire the youth of Baltimore to follow their dreams.


Description: “PD Day Programs” are our programs that are dedicated to keeping kids engaged during times that schools are closed for professional development.  These opportunities will give young creatives a chance to tap into their creative side, as well as provide a safe space for children to stay while parents are at work.  There will be sites around the city, preferably recreation centers and libraries, where students will have access to their various arts projects.  Our instructors will be art majors seeking internships. 


One of our growing components of this program is Create for Spring Break! This 3-5 day event takes place during spring break and gives children a creative space to learn and present on the last day! 


The alternative to having “Creation Stations” in the city is to plan bus trips to various museums, plays, and even college tours to schools that have art programs for those who are interested in making their artistry their career. 

Weekend Arts Academy

Duration: 13 week Mini-mesters 

Audience/Age Group: 5-13


Description: This initiative is a Saturday program scheduled from 10-1pm.  Students sign up for piano and ballet. One of our main goals is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work alongside them to maximize it. We believe in hands-on experiences and learning in creative ways, both individually and in groups. It is our goal to guide our young creatives as a community of learners who are dedicated to working hard and having fun. Our hope is that our students make progress through honoring an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and safety. 


Tap Online 

Duration: BCPS School Year

Audience/Age Group: 5-13

Description: Free virtual programming birthed in the midst of the pandemic. It is a weekly broadcast that streams for an hour, consisting of volunteer artists of various backgrounds sharing their experiences and techniques of their craft. The sessions are made available via ZOOM or Google Meet.

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